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Business consulting is a professional who provides professional expert in the field of security, management, accountancy, law, engineering etc in the specialized professional field. Consulting is nothing but an expert or professional in specific field. Consultants can save their client time, resources, products etc. Consulting bring their own methodologies or frameworks to guide the business and recommend how to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

The role of the business consulting is identifying the options of the organization and provides changes for the organization for running.

There are 2 types of consulting

  1. Internal consultant
  2. External consultant
Business Consulting

Internal consultant

someone who is working within the organization and can be operated with the permission of the organization he can do his work. They work as a client.

External consultant

Someone who is working externally of the organization whose expertise is provided in temporary basis .They can work with multiple number of clients and they are engaged in work every time.

Business Consulting- Management Consulting

Management consulting is helping organization to improve their overall performance. It grew with the rise of management and is a unique field of study for the people. It originally specialized in technical research too. It provides wings for many organizations and later became general consultant. The demand for the consulting is increasing nowadays with the marketing technology is giving rise to the people.

Information technology consulting field of activities focuses on advising organization on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives. It is mainly concentrated on IT products to be selled to the market with minimum capacity of the customers. The products developed should meet the customer needs within the applied time, and the products developed should meet the customer requirements. The complaints of the customer should not be leaked out to meet their needs .The developed products should meet the customer requirements with no issue.

Human resource consulting

Human resource consulting has emerged from management consulting and address human resource management tasks and decisions. It can be of two types: expert resource consultant and people consultant.

Expert resource consultant

Expert resource consultant suggest solutions based on expertise and experience and assist in the implementation.

People consultant

People consultant assist in searching of solutions with methods that facilitates and raise creativity of client company so that they will implement the solution by themselves.

Human resource consulting is based on employee engagement, compensation, employee benefits, mergers and acquisitions, talent mobility, and actuarial and retirement. Employee engagement result in interviews and surveys of the employee and most companies have specialized organization for the employees to meet with their clients requirements. Compensation results in survey of the salaries and providing financial assist for the people. It is actually based on employee types.

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Our Business Consulting Service includes:

  • Face to Face Discussion with Client
  • Understand the Client’s Business
  • Prepare exact business plan
  • Design Functional Blueprint
  • Do proper Market Research
  • Do Competitor research
  • Investment Management
  • Execution of the Project

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