Digital Marketing

Marketing refers to the activities of the company of buying, selling, advertising of the product or the service. The “marketing concept “actually refers to complete the need of the organizational objectives, and organization should anticipate the needs of the customers without any competition and satisfy them more effectively. The two major segments of marketing involve business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing.

  1. Business-to-Business- Business-to-Business(B2B) marketing means any organization that sells the products or services to any organization or business uses B2B strategy.

Examples of the product sold by B2B marketing:

  • Major equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Business services and so on.

Categories of B2B product includes:

  • Producers
  • Resellers
  • Governments
  • Institutions etc.

2- Business-to-Consumer- Business-to-consumer(B2C) marketing means tactics and strategies companies use the sell their products to the individual one. It is actually called as the online selling of the consumer products.

The idea of marketing begins the time of industrial revolution. During the industrial revolution the purchase of goods became easier for consumer than making things themselves. The means of transportation as well as mass media is on hold. It created the problem for the producers to produce the product as how the products are transferred to consumer’s consumers needed more and more sophiscated system for the commodities received from the producers.

In early 20th century there was and drastically increase in the business, the need for selling of the products by using marketing techniques became essential and became more competitive. The ability to develop the product as well as the brand became more profit in the today’s market. There was a sudden drove in the production of the products outputs and market shares within all industries. There was a competition in the development of the same products by the other company too.

Within 25years the use of web and search engines for marketing came into use more drastically. In the beginning the web search engines operations were not in use. Search engines were results were easy to alter the quality of the results were poor. To provide the best quality results the search engines has changed their algorithms.

About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the promoting of products and services through the internet. Just as the traditional marketing, the goal is to create the awareness among the brands and products among the public. Before the digital marketing came into the market, the business was carried offline strategies. These included billboards, newspapers, direct mails, advertising the products and so on. If the products are too sold to the customer locally, the newspaper and radio’s are the best, but for the products to be developed globally, digital marketing is the best in the market. Digital marketing can be achieved through tweets; podcasts etc and 45% of the population can be achieved through digitally. They can ace the products sell and buy long term than the other devices and it can also build the connection globally as well as locally.

Evolution of the Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engines came into play

World Wide Web came into force on 1991 but the really actual browser came into force on 1994 and that is Netscape. And more people used web and search engines such as Google ace into force initially around 1990 and 1994’s.Search engines work by crawling the web pages and information can be stored for later use so the search engine marketing(SEM)is of more use in the market. So search engine optimization is of more useful nowadays and widely used by many people around globe.


  1. Social Media Revolution

The more advancement than search engine is social media’s include facebook, twitter any many other just not to transfer information but to connect people all around. This also enables business to be carried out globally also. By evolution of social media the marketing became more and more easier way.


  1. Mobile First Marketing

Google accelerated mobile pages made it much easier than the other platforms. This aims to improve loading times of the pages and devices such as smart phones and tablets etc. It also focuses on User Experience (UX). In 2019, all the web traffic has been come through the smart phones so the development of the mobile phones is of use. By using this technology the marketing became more and easier for the people all around. Mobile phones are available everywhere nowadays for the work to be carried out.

  1. Voice search and interactive content:

Further developing there is a voice search which is useful for playing games like video games, pub etc. By using this marketing can be very useful so that there is interaction between the people all over the globe so that the marketing can be very easy for the people to carry. Because of the advancement of these, the marketing is becoming more and more useful to carry out more and more easier.

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Digital Marketing - Growing Technology for Businesses

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