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Event management is the application of the project management for the creation and development of the small and large scale corporate events like festivals, weddings, ceremonies etc. For any functions to be carried out, the event has to be planned for the function to be carried out successfully. Planning of the event is very necessary for each and every program. Events play the huge part in the success of the brands or the organization.

They are responsible to conduct huge range of events and ensuring that the target audience is engaged and message of the event is marketed properly. Event manager oversees the design, setup and execution of the events that bring the people together. These events run from small networking to large scale networking with thousands of people all round.

There are five stages of the event management and each step contains multiple steps.

  1. Research goal setting and viability management-The first stage is defining the objective of the event and defining the feasibility of the event, and the overall role is to raise the money for the new library wing.
  2. Choose your theme and design the event-Event managers design the event and meet the customerā€™s objectives. Event managers will often collaborate on digital event service tool such as social tables.
  3. Focus on the event for the successful event- Once the event manager and their team settle on the vision for the event their main role is to focus on the particular event to be carried out.
  4. Event execution-This is the main event for the event manager, this is where all event managers come to a place and enjoy the success of the managing.


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