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Music is defined as the vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Album is a collection of audio recording issued on compact disc, audiotape and so on. Most albums are recorded on studios and some on home. The time frame for whole albums nearly takes one year or half of that also. The album recorded will be recorded half in some medium and some half or on mixed medium too. Recording that are done in one take without any dubbed are called “live” even in studio also. Most albums are recorded in studio because of the good sound vibrations, nice background effect and to assist in different music takes. In today’s technology artists can be recorded in separated rooms by listening to the different music by using headphones with each part recorded as separate tasks.

The important thing to deliver the music consistently. For any function to be carried out the music albums should be ready to run the programs. There are many music albums by many artists and the best artist will be given the award. The tone of the music developed should be up to the level to meet the clients requirements. Different types of albums includes

  1. Compilation Album-  Are usually made from songs that first came from any different albums. These can be from same musician or from different musicians.
  2. Debut Album- The first album from the musician or the musical group.
  3. Solo Album- It is the album of the single musician. This usually happens when the musician or the singer who is part of the band creates the album without the rest of the band.
  4. Tribute Album- Tribute albums or “cover albums” are albums where second group of musician plays songs which were first played by the other musician. The second group is called “tribute band” when most or all the music is played by another band.
  5. Live Album- They are made of songs that are performed live, such as during tour.

Albums are usually separated into tracks. Each track is part of the album which has one song in it. The term is used to specific song on an album.

Zest Infotech - Entertainment service provider, Website, Software Development company in varanasi and Digital marketing company in varanasi
Zest Infotech - Entertainment service provider, Website, Software Development company in varanasi and Digital marketing company in varanasi

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